Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sketch of the Week Feb. Week #2

Here are are some rules for the Sketch Of The Week (SOTW) Challenges. The first four are the same rules that apply to all challenges.

1. You must be a registered user to play. We want to encourage everyone to join our awesome little community here.
2. Layouts must be uploaded to the gallery and either a link to it or a photo uploaded to the challenge thread.
3. Winners will be notified via the forum. It is your responsibility if you win to provide us with contact information so we can get your prize to you. This may be done via PM.
4. Rules are subject to change without notice (although we will do our best to notify the board of any changes as soon as possible)
5. Sketches will be posted on Saturday's. You will have till Friday to complete the sketch and post it on the board.
6. The names of all of those who completed a LO/LO's will be entered in for a prize drawing at the end of the month. For each weekly sketch LO you complete you will get your name in the drawing. So if there are 4 sketches for the month and you make a LO for each sketch you will have your name in the bowl 4 times.


Helen said...

I like this sketch...I'm going to use it for a Boys Birthday card! Thanks!

Helen said...

I finished my card! I know it doesn't count for the Layout contest, I just wanted to share :)

You can view my finished card in the general Message area titled "Boy Birthday Card" at my scrapbooking group site: