Monday, May 12, 2008


Welcome to our Blog!!

A note from Jo:

"Scrappy Jo's Scrapbook Supplies, was born from the excitement, joy and bonding opportunities shared between my daughter and me. We both have a passion to be creative. We are also passionate about living our lives with joy and purpose and filling it with good memories.

At Scrappy Jo's Scrapbook Supplies, we believe that the vast majority of people share common needs and desires from life. People are motivated to share the many joys experienced during their lifetime. Family, friends, pets or whatever brings you joy are all important aspects to living a full and satisfying life. Scrapbooking is a tool to help capture the moments we don't want to forget or the moments we wish to share with others.

It is the desire of Scrappy Jo's Scrapbook Supplies to not only provide you with a fun and creative way to record your moments in life, but to do so in an easy and cost effective way. Whether your intention is for a creative outlet or to document your life, Scrappy Jo's Scrapbook Supplies will make sure you have access to design, inspiration, craft education, the latest products, great prices and customer support. In addition, you can look forward to a networking community with a diverse level of experience and expertise that will be supportive in helping you focus and capture the "quality" in your own life adventures.

We invite you to shop our on-line store often, as nothing in life remains the same. It is wise to capture a moment before the moment is gone forever. And who knows, you just might find out what my favorite color is after all. But for now, I will share one of my favorite quotes: "A Birth certificate shows that you were born, A death certificate shows that you died, but scrapbooks show that you lived." Author: Unknown.

Thank you for stopping by, Jo Littrell, Owner aka, Scrappy Jo "

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tigger said...

Congrats all on a great new blog!!! Love the shots of everyone... looks fantastic!