Friday, May 30, 2008


Wanna have fun and win a prizes? Then pull up a chair, grab a glass of lemonade and play, SCRAPPY BINGO!

This fun game will be hosted by none other than our CTM, AshleyH. Here are the instructions:

Each registered forum player is to choose 25 words from the 100 word list provided by the host, AshleyH. Then "PM" your list to only AshleyH before 11pm on May 31st. The game will start Monday, June 1st.

Each day AshleyH will call/post 5 randomly drawn words Each player should keep track of their list, but Ashley will track your list well. AshleyH will continue calling 5 words a day until there is at least one person that is 5 or less words close to a BINGO From this point, AshleyH will call/post one word at a time. After each word, AshleyH will check to see if anyone has BINGO. If not. she will call/post another word. One word will be called at a time until someone has BINGO.

A BINGO is when all 25 of your words have been called/posted by the hostess. If more than one person gets a BINGO on the same word, then the prize will go to the first person who posts "BINGO" on the forum message board. Remember the post are time & date stamped. You may also view the called/posted words on the Scrappy Jo Blog, but you can only play the game on the forum.

Sign up now, time is a ticking. Who doesn't like to win free stuff? Have fun & Good Luck.

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