Friday, July 3, 2009

Member Spotlight

Your first name?  Renee aka ScrapAddict21
Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a happily married wife of 3 years to Daniel. I am expecting our first little one in November. I also have a dog name Chester who is 2 years old and full of energy. For the past three years I have taught at a private school in our area, but with the baby coming, I'm not going to continue for now.

Got a blog? Or website?

How did you get started in scrapbooking?
I owe it all to my grandmother who wouldn't allow me not to get into something craft related. She tortured me for years with sewing, but I just didn't like. Then she introduced me to scrapbooking. I loved to take pictures and why not explore a crafty side. I became the Scrap Addict I am today. I think I need to be in a self-help group. LOL

How long have you been scrapbooking? I've been scrapping for about 9 years, of course when I first started I had no idea what I was doing so do I really have to count that as experience?

Whats your favorite paper line?
I don't know that I could name just one. My favorite brand in Sassafrass, but I'm also a lover of October Afternoon and Fancy Pants.

What product(s) are you addicted to right now?
I am definitely addicted to bling, felt, flourishes, and flowers.

What inspires you creatively?
I love looking at other's layouts for inspiration. Recently, I've found a lot of inspiration in sketches.
What brought you to Scrappy Jo's?
My friend and swapping buddy, Kelly. She's the best! Just like a sister to me, and of course, Mom, I mean Jo!
How long have you been a member of Scrappy Jo's?
A little over a year.

What do you enjoy the most about Scrappy Jo's?
I enjoy the people, atmosphere, and the love that everyone shows.

What is on your scrappy wish list?
Lots of stuff... hehe... especially bling and pearls, and a binding punch.
What is something about you that we may not know?
I'm accident prone. I've had 3 casts and 2 sets of stitches, not including the ones from my surgery.
What is on your iPod/in your CD player right now?
Patriotic and Christian Music.

Finish this sentence: I am so glad I never let negativity discourage me and affect who I became to be.
If granted one wish, what would you do with it? I would wish for a house in a good neighborhood with 4 bedrooms, one of which would be my scraproom which would have lots of room for storage and scrappy stuff. And when CHA came around all the companies would send me free products.
They say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world. What is your twin doing right now? Chatting on the internet while watching NCIS and getting ready to scrap!

Someone writes a biography about you. It's title is. . . . Once a Scrap Addict, Always a Scrap Addict.

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Corey said...

loved reading more about you, Renee!

lkeener said...

Yea, Renee! So great to read more about you. Love the LOs and what a great pic of you!

Kelly said...

Congrats Renee!!!

ScrapAddict21 said...

thanks ladies. I was so excited to be picked!

MaRLeNeF said...

Congrats Renee!!! :)

ScrapAddict21 said...

thanks, Marlene.