Saturday, June 6, 2009

Member Spotlight

our Scrappy Jo member name?

Your first name?
valerie but I like val better

Tell us a bit about yourself.
where to start... I live in minesota and have lived here most of my life
and really love it! I am a country girl at heart! I love to be out side
and since my dad has no sons I was always the tomboy with him! I am the
oldest of 6 kids on my moms side. I have my sister then 2 sisters and a
brother from my step dad and my fabulous half brother that is only 14.
I'm nearly 13 years older than him. but we all love each other and
never say step family! we are all happy to be together!(I think our
parents got lucky there) I have been dating my boyfriend valdo for 4 1/2
years! hes fabulous! we currently are living with my dad because we all
wanted to save money, then my dad had two back surgerys, and now we are
helping him out with that. I just got my little baby kona! shes 4 1/2
months old! when I was little and not outside in the woods hunting down
frogs and learning to shoot with my dad, I was in side doing crafts with
my mom! everyone in my family is crafty in some way, I think it runs in
our blood! I love being crafty, it gives me someplace to put my energy
and thoughts! somewhere to express my self and how I am feeling even if
I can't say it! I also have not many friends in real life, yet so many
friends on here. I really love how scrapbooking brings women together!
and big thanks to kelly who is my very first online friend! the first
person I met on! I also am an avid reader and love sci fi
dramatic tv! lost is my fav!!!

Got a blog? Or website?
yes I have a blog! allthingschula is my blog, you can find the link in
my siggy!

How did you get started in scrapbooking?
with me it has always been in my life, I didn't just make a decision one
day to scrap. I have always kept scrapbooks, journals, memory boxes! I
am a pack rat and keep everything! and I'm a very romantic sentimental
person so I have saved every little scrap of everything that valdo has
given me!

How long have you been scrapbooking?
my whole life

Whats your favorite paper line?
I really really love k n company! I love the vintage feel of it! but
then to get my bright color fix, I love bazzill bling cs and bg papers!

What product(s) are you addicted to right now?
I am really addicted to pattern paper right now. usually its cs and one
or two pieces of paper on a lo, now I'm usung more papers and layering
more. I also as always am really into my bling and flowers! but who of
us isn't right!

What inspires you creatively?
all of you rockin ladies inspire me!!! I have learned so many things
from all of you! every day I am seeing you ladies do new techniques and
giving me fresh ideas! I am also very inspired by emotion. usually the
feeling I have about that pic or moment will set the tone for that lo.
for instance my lo's with valdo, love is pink to me hence all the pink
on his lo's. too me its like every emotion has a color in my head, and
all my frienda and family have their own color in my head! Idk how to
explain it better!

What brought you to Scrappy Jo's?
my dear friend miss kelly brought me here! I'm glad she did! yes I like
and am on other sites also, but this one will be home, its got that
homey feel about it ya know!

How long have you been a member of Scrappy Jo's?
hmmm idk, almost a year maybe....

What do you enjoy the most about Scrappy Jo's?
I enjoy how you involve all the members and give us each a chance to
shine, some places are clicky and only the whos who will be in the
spotlight! here its not like that, we are all equal!!! I also love all
the challenges and sketch of the week and things we do!!! and of course
all of you rockin ladies!!

What is on your scrappy wish list?
flowers, chipboard, bling pretty paper

What is something about you that we may not know?
-I speak spanish
-I played softball for over 10 years
-I have been to 37 of the states
-I still watch 90210 [lol]
-I am 26 and have tons of gray hair ughughgugh
-I listen to country music, angry fem rock and heart felt ballads
-I work at a junk yard with only 4 other girls
-I wish to travel to ireland someday as I am 70% irsish
-I love mushrooms and spinach
-I write peotry and have been published once

Some of Val's recent LO's


Renee77 said...

Way to go Val!!! I am so proud of you and admire your work so much. Keep pumping out those beautiful lo's.

Anonymous said...

Woo-Hoo!! Way to go Val!! It's nice to learn more about you!! Congrats babe!!

MaRLeNeF said...

Congrats Val!!! You're layouts are amazing :)

Christy B said...

I LOVE your picture mysterious!! It's beautiful!!