Thursday, April 30, 2009

Member Spotlight

Your Scrappy Jo member name? Finallymama

Your first name? Autumn (keep reading!!)

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born in a small town, in the western part of Maryland, in 19!!. Back in the day when men where men and women were ladies. A time when not only did you know your neighbors you went out of your way to help them and they did the same for you. I was the second of 3 children. An older sister and younger brother, yet to be born. I grew up on my grandfather’s farm. Farming is hard work, and we did lots of it……………
Oh the short version?? *LOL*  OK….
I’ve been married to a wonderful guy, Tim, for 16 years. We have a beautiful daughter, Vashti, who is 11. My sister has lived with us for the past 3 years, but will be moving into her own place in June. I will miss her a lot. We also have 2 cock-a-poos, and my sis has a cat.
I am a Domestic Engineer who wastes more time than most. I love to scrap, and usually do something scrappy everyday!! I enjoy checking the threads here at Jo’s and seeing what my “friends” are up to. I enjoy scrapbook swaps, and all the inspiration the girls share.

Got a blog? Or website? You want to share. It’s mostly just family stuff, but you are more than welcome to check it out…

How did you get started in scrapbooking? I got pregnant. *LOL* Then after DD was born, I was invited to a Creative Memories party. It was more ‘sophisticated’ than the scrapbooking I was doing. I never have really cared for their style of scrapping.

How long have you been scrapbooking? 11 years

What’s your favorite paper line? Good question. I’m not a brand snob. If I like something I don’t care what brand it is…I just want it or get it!! *L*

What product(s) are you addicted to right now? Thickers and cardstock

What inspires you creatively? Other peoples work, pictures and sketches

What brought you to Scrappy Jo's? Val and Kelly sent me over from

How long have you been a member of Scrappy Jo's? Since August 4, 2008

What do you enjoy the most about Scrappy Jo's? How friendly everyone is.

What is on your scrappy wish list? Thickers and Petaloo Flora Doodles

What is something about you that we may not know? Melody is really my middle name. When I first got on the computer my family warned me about all sorts of scary things, so I thought I would use my middle name instead and so here I am all these years later!! *L*

1. What is on your iPod/in your CD player right now? I don’t have an iPod, and the only CD player I use is in the car…it probably has 50,s/60’s Doo-woop in it. I usually just listen to the radio.

2. Finish this sentence: I am so glad I never . . . . . drank or did drugs.

3. If granted one wish, what would you do with it?? Wish for a hundred more to share with those I love.

4. They say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world. What is your twin doing right now? All the things I wouldn’t or couldn’t do…Fly, sail, swim with whales, sky dive, run a marathon, take a missions trip to Africa…ect… She’d be the brave one!! *L*

5. Someone writes a biography about you. It's title is. . . .
“Finally, I’m Mama!”
There is a LONG explanation for this, but the short of it is, it would cover my childhood dreams clear through my life today!! And it’s a grand life!!  I’m so very blessed.

If something needs changed or added, please let me know!! Thanks!!

Some of Finallymama AKA Autumn's Layouts:

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valechula said...

melody!!! woohoo girl! I am so happy to have met you and that I could sen you this way! its awesome getting here to more about you than we do in daily chatting! heres a big hug and congrats to you!!!!!