Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fiscars Easy Stamp Press by Karen

I got this new toy to play with (thanks Jo!) that is fantastic for stamping multiple times with clear stamps.

You load up your clear stamps on the underside of the press, ink them up, and then flip it over and line up your paper under the image using the grid lines and every time you stamp the image is in the exact same spot without the usual guess work and crossing your fingers to hope that your image is the same spot.

It has foam feet that "squish" when you push down giving you even coverage to the entire plate.

This would be great for Karry to make her wedding invitations. Each time she would stamp the image it would be exactly the same with very little effort.

It cleans up nicely too just like an acrylic block.

Jo has these in the store under Stamps and Accessories in the Fiscars subgroup. They are definately a plus in my book!

Here's a great Youtube demo too

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